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Animation Requests: receives requests to create and develop animations for individuals, organizations and businesses who need to convey a message for their ministry, branding, business services, or for educational purposes.

Our enthusiastic, animation-obsessed Creative Director has, therefore, organized a series of animation style samples (below) to help people with animation projects visualize each style and find the one best suited for their needs.

Please play the video samples below to view the various animation styles.

For further information on developing an animation for your project, and for pricing, please

contact us via our contact page, or click link here:


We look forward to hearing from you!




Explainer Animation style is one of the most cost effective ways to deliver your message - especially if your project can be created with library assets.  For customized characters and assets, consider the 2.5D animation or a combination of Explainer style with 2.5D.

Whiteboard Animations get the viewer engaged by drawing each asset with or without a human hand. It's great for educational videos. Choose between black and white line drawings or dazzle it with color.

If you want a really dynamic Explainer Animation with customized characters or assets, you can simulate a 3D effect with flat illustrations. They are rigged to move and talk and are created using 2.5D software.  This is the most popular style.

Elastic Motion

This sample combines 2.5D and Elastic Motion. If you want objects to pop, stretch and feel rubberized, add Elastic Motion animation. Check out planet Earth, the popping Christmas objects and star at the end that suddenly appear to see it in action.

Pop-Up Book

Available soon.  The Pop-Up Book effect is new to the Explainer world and is a little more complex to create but provides mesmerizing results for telling a story.  It requires licensing to use the coding that creates the book effects, however, the license is affordable.


The animated editorial cartoon is here and becoming more popular.  Not every style of cartoon can be animated, however, we've been known to try the impossible.

This style closely resembles motion graphics.

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