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God's Love is Always Greater Than Sin

Have you ever heard something various times but suddenly you see in it something perfectly new? Like a spiritual truth that is revealed inwardly to one's heart during a difficult time. Immediately, a cloudy direction becomes a brighter one and things begin to line up and make better sense.

One day, after hearing about God's forgiveness explained from the spiritual vantage that His perfect love and grace are always greater than our sin, I was drawned into a better understanding of the danger in igngnoring His powerful gift if we mistakingly believe that our foolish errors cannot be forgiven. We need to know that there is no depth of error, no place of darkness to which we can sink to where God's love and grace cannot reach us. This is God's abundant and perfect love.

We know well the story of Judas of Iscariot's arrogant heart who betrayed Jesus for 30 coins of silver. He, the student, thought he knew better than the Teacher/Master. Though he had the tremendous privilege of spending 3 years with Christ, he did not let the Master's words and teachings humble his heart. His lack of humility and conceit prevented him from seeing and knowing Jesus for who He really was. What we ignore about Judas' deceiving choices is, in the end, after his treacherous betrayal, he compounded his unlightened situation. He did not trust that Jesus' love was greater than his sin. Instead of going to Jesus with an open contrite heart, he opened himself to evil, harbored treacherous thoughts and tormented himself to death with the awareness of what he had ultimately accomplished.

When we humbly go to Jesus with a contrite heart, instead of sinking deeper into error, and ask for His forgiveness, which is also His great love for us, grace can be received. We need to know and believe that His Love is ALWAYS greater than any of our sins. It's a beautiful gift available for the asking.

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